A Closed Loop

Student: Why do you put so much emphasis on aloneness?

JS [laughing]: Because people put so much emphasis on others! …Did you know that 80% of a person’s decisions in life are made for no other reason than to attain the approval of others?

Student: And so what’s driving that?

JS: Aloneness is the primary fear, you know, and so it has become the primary illusion – that of separation, individuation, the play of egos. On one level a person’s behaviour reflects the fact that they fear being alone ‘as’ the ego. However, on another level, they daren’t look beyond the ego, because then they’d see through the illusion entirely and know that the true Self is alone ‘as’ all that is; that there are really no authentic ‘others’ and there never will be.

Student: What about our separation from God, the Father?

JS: It is better not to conceptualize God, because then you may see God as something external (other than), when obviously there is nothing other than you. Existence is a closed loop! So I would prefer to say ‘separation from Self’, which is something that has simply come about – as has been said so many times in so many different ways – through identification with form, with context, and with one’s own conditioning. And this is what maintains the illusion, of course.

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